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Established by Christian Russo, Gallerychristian stands as a Belgian fashion label that came into existence in 2022. It all started with a simple yet profound idea: crafting a story within every piece of clothing we bring to life. At the core of our mission lies an unwavering dedication to progress. We firmly believe in constantly pushing the limits of creativity and craftsmanship, ensuring that each and every garment bearing the Gallerychristian name stands as a testament to our commitment.

Your role as a supporter and enthusiast of our brand is essential. Your choice to be a part of our journey emboldens our vision and fuels our passion to craft not just clothing, but wearable stories that make a statement. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to you for contributing to the pages of our story. As we stride forward, driven by the pursuit of progress, we're honored to have you with us, adding your chapter to the continuously unfolding narrative that is Gallerychristian.

The start


GalleryChristian started as a simple idea. Christian Russo had already created some designs during his younger days, selling them to friends. But this time, it was the real deal. He began searching for blank clothing items and a manufacturer to handle the printing. The name "GalleryChristian" was born to display his gallery of designs, GalleryChristian came to life, driven by passion and creativity.

Making progress


In 2023, GalleryChristian took significant steps forward with new designs and a growing customer base. Our progress received a boost as TikTok influencers helped increase our reach. Additionally, we released the Cold Hands collection.